AmSträm is a young Parisian artist and producer is all ready part of the new generation Parisian Underground scene with his minimalist tecki style . This young producer is all ready signed on Kkc Black. His inspiration comes from minimalism and his distinctive tracks are influenced by eclectic sources. The guru parisien he’s ready to start a long career !


Is a mysterious dj pioneer with more than 20 years experience in the music industry. This international dj is up for a new challenge in going back to his roots to the underground music where he once started. ( Connecting the dots from the over - to the undergroud ! )
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Choco Loco, promising DJ of the Parisian scene. His love of House-Techno-Disco will discover you his captivating world with electrically furious and frantic rhythms. His ability to dance the various stages of Paris, is well established. (Le Badaboum, le Faust, Nuba, Wanderlust...) Over the past two years, he has shared the stage with Ilario Alicante, Patrick Topping, Francesca Lombardo, AudioFly, The Mekanism, Mendo ...


In just a few years, DJ, producer and remixer, Deep Spelle has built himself a unique musical world of hypnotic, rich and captivating sounds. A native of Paris and resident of Montreal, Brice’s technical ingenuity and warm character work together to make music that feels at once intimate and expansive. The bright reflection of an interior world.


German DJ/Producer and label owner D.O.N.S. has established himself as one of the most innovative, unique and exciting figures in the dance music industry. From his solo productions to his bootlegs and covers to his highly sought-after remixes, D.O.N.S. studio output is an ever impressive slew of crafted gems for the dancefloor. After blagging a DJ residency at a notable record store at a very young age, Oliver Goedicke aka D.O.N.S. became infected with the house music virus and quickly realised that music was his life.


Groovebox started his career as a hip-hop dj at the age of 16. Having master the art of vinyl in the Hip-Hop community he later started to discover a love for Break-Beats, UK Garage and Drum and Bass. Throughout this period of self-revelation Groovebox was defining his own unique style and in 2009 he sealed the deal by embarking into the realm of tech-house.


22 year old Hansol from Serbia started producing music 4 years ago and so far gained a great list of supporters from his tech and techno based electric style. DJs and producers like Fedde Le Grand, UMEK, Adam Beyer, Paco Osuna, Muzzaik, Groovebox, Mario Ochoa and many others are playing his tracks. He was also signed by labels like Great Stuff, Hotfingers, Natura Viva, Simma Red, KKC. Hansol started touring in his country and abroad simultaneously delivering slamming DJ sets during ADE 2014 and ADE 2015.


Lilly Palmer there's no better way to initiate this bond, than with sending her audience on a musical journey with her DJ sets. It's as simple as that, electronic music just has been her passion ever since. Based in Zurich, and spending more and more time with people of this great and flourishing underground scene, her devotion for music got stronger and in 2015 she finally decided diving into the business herself. With powerful, impulsive tech and melancholic deep sounds, intriguing melodies and electrifying basslines, Lilly creates an unique and energetic vibe sending her audience straight to outta space on a trip where return tickets are not needed anymore.


PAUL was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1977 and moved to Barcelona in 1988, where he started his career as a DJ playing at the main house parties in the city. In 2001 he had his first international opportunity in the USA, where he travelled constantly for three years until he moved to Ibiza, where he made his debut together with Roger Sánchez at the Release Yourself pre-party at Café Mambo where he played with all the big headliners that were making Pacha Ibiza pre-party there, he was dj resident in the world tour for 4 years playing all around the globe. 2004 was the year where he started to play weekly during 3 years at Salvacion Ibiza party in El Divino Ibiza.